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This is not a book review site - it started that way, I conceptualise this blog that way but I found that I can't separate my feelings from my writings. I can't be objective about a book.

Reading has been my main hobby cultivated for almost 4 decades. I read for pleasure and experience. This blog is where I pour my thoughts and feelings in that experience.

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By Shelle Sumners

This is my most favourite book. I almost memorise the sequence of events. I feel like Grace and Tyler are part of my life. I read this book several times already and I can’t get enough of it. I am wondering why Shelle Sumners hasn’t written another book. Why?

I love Tyler in this book though he should have his own perspective. He seems to be the embodiment of my modern day hero. And Grace, well, she’s just like any of us. With enough guts but with enough insecurities.

I thought, if Tyler was as decisive when he was chasing Grace as he was when he booked their City Hall appointment, there wouldn't be any problem at all. But then the story would be over too soon. I love that Tyler indulges Grace a bit. It makes you feel more loved.

There are just enough quirks in this book; Tyler’s parents, Grace’s dad and Mum, Ty’s sister and Grace’s friend, Edward.

From what I understand, this book is titled differently in other countries.  By the day, the title is so apt in what happened to Grace.