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This is not a book review site - it started that way, I conceptualise this blog that way but I found that I can't separate my feelings from my writings. I can't be objective about a book.

Reading has been my main hobby cultivated for almost 4 decades. I read for pleasure and experience. This blog is where I pour my thoughts and feelings in that experience.

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By Colleen Hoover

Another Colleen Hoover heart-tugging, heart-wrenching book. I love the ending, of course or I wouldn’t read it till the last chapter.

What I don’t get in the story is the violence. I have mixed emotions and attitude towards domestic violence especially in those cases where it has continually been happening. But who am I to pass judgement or comment on it? I feel for the victim but I especially laud those who managed to walk out of it and free themselves sooner rather than later. I reckon death was so unnecessary in the story to bring the point across. I just hate unnecessary evil even if it’s in stories only – doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen in real life though. But that’s the point. We are already bombarded with all the gruesome news and events every day. Why taint a seemly innocent and lovely story. But, it’s not my book so to say.

It’s sad and bitter-sweet for Tate, I suppose. There are a lot of emotions running high and low in the story and I am just glad that the ending was quite good.

Books like this gives me lots of “what-ifs”. What if Maria is alive? Of course, there’s no story.

This is still a good read.