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This is not a book review site - it started that way, I conceptualise this blog that way but I found that I can't separate my feelings from my writings. I can't be objective about a book.

Reading has been my main hobby cultivated for almost 4 decades. I read for pleasure and experience. This blog is where I pour my thoughts and feelings in that experience.

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By Shelle Sumners

This is my most favourite book. I almost memorise the sequence of events. I feel like Grace and Tyler are part of my life. I read this book several times already and I can’t get enough of it. I am wondering why Shelle Sumners hasn’t written another book. Why?

I love Tyler in this book though he should have his own perspective. He seems to be the embodiment of my modern day hero. And Grace, well, she’s just like any of us. With enough guts but with enough insecurities.

I thought, if Tyler was as decisive when he was chasing Grace as he was when he booked their City Hall appointment, there wouldn't be any problem at all. But then the story would be over too soon. I love that Tyler indulges Grace a bit. It makes you feel more loved.

There are just enough quirks in this book; Tyler’s parents, Grace’s dad and Mum, Ty’s sister and Grace’s friend, Edward.

From what I understand, this book is titled differently in other countries.  By the day, the title is so apt in what happened to Grace.

By Colleen Hoover

Another Colleen Hoover heart-tugging, heart-wrenching book. I love the ending, of course or I wouldn’t read it till the last chapter.

What I don’t get in the story is the violence. I have mixed emotions and attitude towards domestic violence especially in those cases where it has continually been happening. But who am I to pass judgement or comment on it? I feel for the victim but I especially laud those who managed to walk out of it and free themselves sooner rather than later. I reckon death was so unnecessary in the story to bring the point across. I just hate unnecessary evil even if it’s in stories only – doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen in real life though. But that’s the point. We are already bombarded with all the gruesome news and events every day. Why taint a seemly innocent and lovely story. But, it’s not my book so to say.

It’s sad and bitter-sweet for Tate, I suppose. There are a lot of emotions running high and low in the story and I am just glad that the ending was quite good.

Books like this gives me lots of “what-ifs”. What if Maria is alive? Of course, there’s no story.

This is still a good read.

By Colet Abedi

I read one of the reviews for this book and was compared to another book about strong, dominant main male character.  Frankly, it gives me prejudices.  I can’t stop comparing Clayton to the lead character in the other book. 

But to give the author credit, it is vastly entertaining and yes, I am waiting for the next book.  The cover makes you want to go to Maldives. 

Yes, Clayton is one of my favourite lead characters in books that I’ve read so far.  Though, with him staying in Maldives doesn’t make sense.  Why can’t he go with her?  Now look what happened.  She found something and her imagination go overdrive and they broke up unnecessarily, I reckon.  Because I am sure they will be reunited.  I suppose, they have to breakup for the book 2 to be exciting.  Lol.

I’d recommend this one if you’re looking for a light reading on a plane. 

This is one of the most poignant books I ever read. It’s not at the top but it’s almost. The situation that Ridge was in and how he acted on it makes me realise and gives me the right perspective that indeed, it is possible to love two persons at the same time. How you act on it determines the outcomes and the happiness or sadness of the party involved.

I am not in favour on how Ridge acted on it before Maggie’s decision but at the same time, Ms Hoover wrote it in a way that doesn’t make you hate Maggie or Sydney. It makes me believe that this situation is indeed possible and there’s just not an easy way out. I applaud Maggie for standing up for herself despite her getting hurt in the process. I suppose, she had a happy ending too. And in doing so, she gave Ridge and Sydney their own happy ending.

 I like how Ridge is the most emotional among all the characters in this book. I love men who know how to show their emotion and don’t make it messy and don’t make you think that they’re less of a man – I’m married to one.

I love the other supporting characters except Hunter and Tori of course. I don’t understand and get men or women who cheat. ‘Nough said.

This book opens up the door for me for more Ms Colleen Hoover books. Happy days and crying times.