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This is not a book review site - it started that way, I conceptualise this blog that way but I found that I can't separate my feelings from my writings. I can't be objective about a book.

Reading has been my main hobby cultivated for almost 4 decades. I read for pleasure and experience. This blog is where I pour my thoughts and feelings in that experience.

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by Kennedy Claire

Because the sequel was such a cliff-hanging and there are a couple of chapters of this book included, I have to buy so I can continue reading.  

It was well-written but a bit short.  Dev was quite an ass at first when Scarlett wanted to interview him. Scarlett is just being herself, madly inlove.. can't move-on self.  I suppose, because there was no proper closure anywhere in the book, I felt that I didn't have either.. so she's excuse for not doing so too.  Does that make sense?

There are lots of fill-in the gaps or blanks.  Maybe because I skipped some of the long narratives.

But there's HEA so it's okay.  I'd like to read more about them in the same book, I suppose.  

There are some intense emotions involved but only few of them makes me really feel for the characters.  Again some love scenes are present in this book.  


soundarya rajesh said...

Can u post the PDF pleaz