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This is not a book review site - it started that way, I conceptualise this blog that way but I found that I can't separate my feelings from my writings. I can't be objective about a book.

Reading has been my main hobby cultivated for almost 4 decades. I read for pleasure and experience. This blog is where I pour my thoughts and feelings in that experience.

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Another bodice ripper, I know.  Well, I mostly read these type of books anyway so what can you expect.  My reason, I always want happy ending.  Sure, I read self-help books but they tend to be boring so I read snippets on the net instead.

so, onto this book.  

I love, love the heroine.  I read a lot of historical books that the characteristic of the heroine is not your usual run of the mill miss.  no, she is so unconventional but is considered a breath of fresh air even by Beau Brummel.  I seem to know this Beau already.  I love that she has a male bestfriend.  Everyone should have a male bestfriend.  they can give you a different perspective on things.

And the hero, well.. he didn't really do a lot.  he should have. there should be another book about them.  ugh, I start to hate books that are in series that have cliffhanger ending.  

and yet, this one has also HEA.. so mission accomplished, I'd say.