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By Alice Gains

This book was categorised under New Adult.  I am not really sure what exactly New Adult means but I reckon, it's not this book.  It has a lot of steamy scenes that it is borderline to erotic. 

Okay, onto the book. This a feel good read.  It's not too long.  Dev is just an admirable character.  Well, all of the Royal family are.  It's unreal not that I am familiar with the lives of the royalty.  I suppose, they are just like normal people.  

The character of the parents of Felice made me like her even more.  She is very understanding and forgiving.  And I suppose, resigned that she will not be the number one priority.  But it is fine as she found a new family in Dev's.  

I like Fredriech.  I'd like to read his story with Marta soon.  

I'd give this 4 stars.