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by Katie Evans.

I finished the series this week.  I discover the first book around April or May this year accidentally.  I was reading a book in an online site and the Manwhore title came up.  I didn't really click on it straight away as the title didn't endear to me.  But after reading the book I wondered why didn't I click on it sooner.

The whole series is a simple story.  Billionaire boy met the not so quite poor girl.  But the books are so well written that the details just get into you. 

It is written in the POV of Rachel and I would have loved to read a book written in the POV of Malcolm.  

I can't quite explain how I feel about the book but all I can say is, it's all worth the wait and money.  Didn't I say that I bought the other two books on the day that they were released in the US