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This is not a book review site - it started that way, I conceptualise this blog that way but I found that I can't separate my feelings from my writings. I can't be objective about a book.

Reading has been my main hobby cultivated for almost 4 decades. I read for pleasure and experience. This blog is where I pour my thoughts and feelings in that experience.

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by Mallory Crowe

Another nice short read.  

I would love to have some of Sam's playboy billionaire side told -  I meant, you can't really say that he is a playboy because there was only one other girl in the story.  

Quickie again.  Not too much emotions involved.  I'd have more of the father and son sort of reconciliation.

Maybe, there is more to Sam and April's story in the other books in the series but I might not be able to find out.  Not prepared to pay for the others.

I read more than 5 books a week and I really can't say that this book stands out.

You would think that the book is raunchy based on the cover and title. But no, it isn't really.  Matty is really a sweet guy and they didn't have "do" it until they were engaged.  

So anyway, it's a sweet read.  The story mostly focused on the main characters.  I am not really a fan of books written in first person.  It is very one sided, of course, that doesn't give you insight as to what the other person is feeling.  

This is a light read and a quick one.  You'd enjoy it while on the train or aeroplane.  Nothing too involved here.

by Kennedy Claire

Because the sequel was such a cliff-hanging and there are a couple of chapters of this book included, I have to buy so I can continue reading.  

It was well-written but a bit short.  Dev was quite an ass at first when Scarlett wanted to interview him. Scarlett is just being herself, madly inlove.. can't move-on self.  I suppose, because there was no proper closure anywhere in the book, I felt that I didn't have either.. so she's excuse for not doing so too.  Does that make sense?

There are lots of fill-in the gaps or blanks.  Maybe because I skipped some of the long narratives.

But there's HEA so it's okay.  I'd like to read more about them in the same book, I suppose.  

There are some intense emotions involved but only few of them makes me really feel for the characters.  Again some love scenes are present in this book.  

by Kennedy Claire

This one is another freebie in a series.  The book is good enough.  Scarlett is a good girl, strong and wanting to be independent.  Dev is a cliche when it comes to having crush and loving someone, someone who's his sister's best friend.  He was being an ass.  

I like this book because it tells a lot about the heroine, her relationship with the people around him.  This is also the reason why I didn't like the book because there's less of Scarlett and Dev.  But all the scenes where it mattered, it was good.

This is a cliff-hanging one in a way.  Also, it's quite different with some new adult books that I read as it has some explicit sexual language in it. 
so this is a sequel of Play with me.  I know the MO of the freebie first series books - it's to entice you to buy the other books in the series.  I don't do that often but for this one, I just have to. 

The guy in the Play with me as I have said is very likable but even more so in this book.  I read in one of the reviews in Goodreads that there's no basis for Ryan's love to Lisa.  And yeah, that's true in both books - nothing has been discussed about it.  But as a believer of true love, I know you don't need reasons to.  

Anyway, he is just a dream in this book.  It was written in a very nice point of view of Ryan Hunter that it almost sound unreal and fairy tale-ish.  Makes me think somewhere while reading that, is this guy really out there?  But I suppose, Liza being who she is, deserves a boy/man like hunter.  I'd recommend this book to anyone.

One thing I notice though, much like what I did above.. the author did not spell Liza's/Lisa's name consistently. 

There are more books in the series but I am not considering of buying them at this point.

I discovered a new adult book accidentally one day and I never looked back.  I thought that I am more of an adult romance reader but after reading a few of new adults, the earlier genre just doesn't do much for me anymore.  Anyway, here's another new adult book that I read this week.  This is a freebie in itunes again.

It's your typical high-school romance per se but it has some twist to it.  Because the girl didn't end up with her bestfriend that she thought she loves soo much.  It is a cliche story but somehow it was relatable for me.  The naive girl and the popular guy but the guy is not an asshole.  The guy is actually lovable and mature.  I'd read more books like this. 


Another bodice ripper, I know.  Well, I mostly read these type of books anyway so what can you expect.  My reason, I always want happy ending.  Sure, I read self-help books but they tend to be boring so I read snippets on the net instead.

so, onto this book.  

I love, love the heroine.  I read a lot of historical books that the characteristic of the heroine is not your usual run of the mill miss.  no, she is so unconventional but is considered a breath of fresh air even by Beau Brummel.  I seem to know this Beau already.  I love that she has a male bestfriend.  Everyone should have a male bestfriend.  they can give you a different perspective on things.

And the hero, well.. he didn't really do a lot.  he should have. there should be another book about them.  ugh, I start to hate books that are in series that have cliffhanger ending.  

and yet, this one has also HEA.. so mission accomplished, I'd say.

I am somewhat in two places on this book.  I like the heroine as she's strong, feisty, independence (at least after she left Dave).  But at the same time, her being so independent and not sharing a lof of things that should be to Dave, irks me.  I reckon, if you have the guts to be independent, you should also be able to be able express what you feel.  I don't like secrets so maybe this explains how I feel about her.  She came around at the end, so all is good.

The hero was supposedly a lawyer and a rancher/farmer at the same time.  I didn't read a lot of him being a farmer - and he was thrown off the horse, what's the deal with that?  But I like that he knows what he wants and he went after it.  Has integrity and moral.  What can you ask for.  Plus, he loves Matty always.  

I like that there are not many flashbacks about the past - what happened in the 6 years that they were apart.  No discussion of previous partners.  

I presume that their story will be included in other books in the series as I feel there should be more.  But I got the book from ibooks for free and I am not sure at this stage if I am going to buy the other books.